WOLF: a platform for your needs

WOLF is the Hupac platform for managing all phases of combined transport, from booking to collection of loading units, from tracking & tracing to information on irregularities. WOLF can be accessed by any device (PC, smartphone and tablets) and by using any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).


WOLF, acronym of Web Oriented Logistics Framework, is the portal that gathers all data and applications that our customers need to manage their shipments in a quick and easy way. Additional functions are available for our partners - terminals, railway undertakings and wagon workshops – allowing them to manage traffic flows efficiently.


The following tools are available for our customers:



The tool allows to book shipments for the Hupac Intermodal network, to create standard forms for your routine bookings and to get a complete overview of your bookings. An alternative booking option is electronic data interchange via EDIGES.


Train Radar

The Train Radar tool offers a complete package of tracking & tracing functions:

  • real-time train running information and estimated time of unit pick-up (ETP) for Terminal Busto Arsizio-Gallarate
  • real-time current position of running trains and delay information
  • real-time check of unit status and location
  • traffic events on the rail infrastructure where Hupac trains are involved.


View your loading unit situation at each terminal as well as statistics and historical data. For Terminal Busto Arsizio-Gallarate, you can specify the driver who are authorized to pick up your shipments.


CO2 emissions

With a few clicks, you can generate customized CO2 reports based on your traffic volume.


User management

The system allows you to open and manage all WOLF users needed for your company.


Hupac address book

A quick access to all Hupac contact data.



Request a WOLF account by filling in the request form. You will receive a “master user” that allows to create sub-users in your company and to specify who should have access to the various functions.


WOLF Support


Login WOLF: wolf.hupac.ch

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