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Intermodal Forum "Rastatt: never again"




In the photo from left to right: Hans-Jörg Bertschi, Rudolf Büchi, Joep Brekelmans, Bernhard Kunz, Michail Stahlhut, Thorsten Dieter, Frank Sennhenn, Peter Füglistaler and Wim Blomme

Shaping the future of intermodal logistics
“Rastatt: never again”

Düsseldorf,  6 December 2017

Europe's intermodal community met in Düsseldorf for an open discussion on how to make rail more stable and sustainable. Triggered by the Rastatt crisis, speakers identified strategies and priority actions to overcome today’s weaknesses of the rail freight system. Contingency plans with back-up routings, improved international traffic management, and a clear responsibility of infrastructure managers as part of the supply chain are crucial factors for the future of rail freight transportation.


The Rastatt crisis of summer 2017 brought the community of intermodal logistics together for a cross-sector summit. More than 200 representatives from industry, transport companies, intermodal operators, terminals, railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and transport ministries attended the Forum organised by Swiss intermodal operator Hupac in Düsseldorf on 6 December 2017. The aim was to resume the learnings of the Rastatt crisis, and to enhance the overall rail system beyond the Rastatt incident. “We need to take this opportunity to tackle some well-known deficiencies in order to improve market conditions and promote modal shift”, said Bernhard Kunz, CEO of Hupac.


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